New Space


Swinomish Casino & Lodge added another building in front of the Lodge and beside the original casino floor. This adds an additional 14,000 square feet of space to put new games, cash cage, Player’s Club and more. The extra space will allow the property to accommodate more guests without sacrificing service. Guests will be able to enjoy their gaming time in either the smoking or new non-smoking section, letting them play more comfortably than ever before.

Cash Cage Rendering

Not only did we add more floor space, we’ve upgraded our HVAC system to improve the air quality and environment for all of our guests. This new system will allow us to maintain a consistent, comfortable environment throughout the facility. With this new system, there will be 10 to 12 air exchanges per hour that will introduce fresh air into the facility. The five new air units will serve the gaming floor, food court and Lodge, elevating the level of comfort and eliminating the fan noise guests may currently hear when visiting our property. We have five new air units that will give us redundancy in our operation, allowing us to operate at high levels of efficiency. Should outages occur with individual pieces of equipment, we will still be able to maintain a comfortable gaming environment for our guests. Using these new air units, we will be able to better control the air quality within the non-smoking areas of our facility, like our Lodge, dining areas and non-smoking gaming area. The air will be fresher and cleaner than ever before!

New Player’s Club Rendering

Along with improving the air quality and comfort during your visit, we are enhancing your visual experience as well. We are adding 140 speakers and 13 new digital displays. This will take 37,000 feet of new wiring to connect them to a state-of-the-art control room. We will create 16 new video walls that will display four 55-inch monitors each. To break that down for you, that is about 224 feet of new digital displays for your eyes to gaze on. These displays will share jackpot celebrations, promotion information, the latest kitchen specials and more!

New Bathroom Rendering

We can’t forget to tell you, we will be getting new, updated bathroom facilities! The sleek style and upgraded amenities within the facility will make your bathroom experience more enjoyable than ever before!


Everyone at Swinomish Casino & Lodge is very excited for our guests, new and returning, to see all of the upgrades on our property. We are very proud of all of the hard work that has been put into enhancing the property for our guests. We know that our guests will love and cherish the enhancements as much as we do! All of the new amenities will give our guests more to explore, more to eat, and more ways to win at Swinomish Casino & Lodge!