New Food


Swinomish Casino & Lodge added three brand new dining outlets! These dining outlets include Fatburger, Manchu WOK and a restaurant that features traditional Swinomish carvings and artwork, Carver’s Café. Each of these new dining options were carefully selected and chosen based on customer feedback. The addition of these three new outlets will offer guests more variety and options than ever before at Swinomish Casino & Lodge!

Fatburger was the first outlet that Swinomish Casino & Lodge announced earlier this year. The entire team is very excited to have Fatburger as one of the dining amenities available for guests. A survey was sent to guests in 2016 that asked what dining outlets were most wanted, and burgers were one of the top two picks. Lodge General Manager Dallas Widmark said, “Fatburger is long known for their big, juicy burgers, and they will provide the perfect meal for guests craving a taste that only a delicious Fatburger can satisfy.”


Featuring traditional Swinomish carvings, Carver’s Café is one of the most exciting additions for team members, Swinomish Tribal members and our Swinomish Tribal Senate. Carver’s Cafe will showcase the Swinomish People’s rich culture and artwork inside the restaurant. Several photos of historic Swinomish carvers, provided by the Swinomish Tribal Archive, will be hung alongside actual carvings from Swinomish carvers of the tribe today. This restaurant will be a staple at the Swinomish Casino & Lodge. Carver’s Café will offer All-American classics, including sandwiches, salads, traditional breakfast favorites, Pacific Northwest seafood and more!

Manchu WOK was the last dining outlet announced just this month. Manchu WOK serves flavorful Asian cuisine from the Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan & Mandarin regions of China. Along with burgers, Chinese food was the other top choice from the survey we sent out to guests. Manchu WOK is best known for their tasty Orange Chicken and zesty Honey Garlic Chicken. We can’t wait for you to try it all!

“We’re really excited to be offering some of our guests’ favorite foods.” Widmark said. “Once all three of our new dining outlets are open, we’ll have a larger variety of cuisines than ever before.”



The food court and Carver’s Cafe have opened! Come enjoy some of the delicious new food options at Swinomish Casino & Lodge.