Manchu WOK is coming to Swinomish Casino & Lodge!


For decades, no other fast food name is as recognized as Manchu WOK when it comes to offering authentic, best-loved recipes of the East. Diners can enjoy classic Manchu WOK favorites like their irresistible Orange Chicken, or try delectable new additions that continue to capture the best from the Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan, and Madarin regions.


1. ​What is Manchu WOK?

​Manchu WOK is recognized as North America’s biggest franchisor in the Chinese Quick Service Restaurant industry. Manchu WOK is where guests can enjoy fast and fresh Chinese cuisine. Their menu is ever evolving, featuring the best of from the Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan, and Mandarin regions.

2. What food does Manchi WOK serve?

Manchu WOK serves “Signature Dishes” that include Honey Garlic Chicken, Orange Chicken, and Beef and Broccoli. Additonally, they offer 20 + other beef, chicken, and pork entrees. Manchu WOK also offers traditional Chinese sides such as egg rolls, soup, rice, and noodles.

3. Does Manchu WOK offer gluten-free options?

At this time they do not offer any gluten-free options. However, other food outlets within the our food court and across the property do offer gluten free options.

4. What are the different combination plates?

Manchu WOK offers over 365 different combinations – you could visit every day of the year and always try something new! They offer a 3 entree plate, a 2 entree plate, and their WOK express (1 entree and steamed rice).

5. Can guests use their players club points to purchase food?

Yes, players club members will be able to redeem their points for food at Manchu WOK, exactly how they redeem their points at our current dining outlets.

6. How did Manchu WOK begin?

Manchu WOK opened in 1980 in Ontario, Canada. Since then the chain has spread across Canada, North America, and now has locations oversees including in Guam and Japan.

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