Fatburger is coming to Swinomish Casino & Lodge

As renovations continue at the Swinomish Casino & Lodge, the first of three new restaurants is getting closer to becoming a delicious reality. Swinomish guests will soon be greeted with the delectable aromas of sizzling burgers cooking on the grill. Fatburger is the first of three new restaurants to near its opening date, anticipated to be in December. The opening of a second yet-to-be- announced Asian casual dining option will occur around the same time, and the highly anticipated Carver’s Café will follow soon after.


“Given Swinomish Casino & Lodge’s popularity in the region, bringing a Fatburger location to our newly renovated food court is the ideal fit for Swinomish guests and Fatburger, making it a win-win for all,” said Dallas Widmark, Lodge General Manager at Swinomish. “Fatburger, long known for their big juicy burgers, will provide the perfect meal for guests craving a taste sensation that only a delicious Fatburger can satisfy,“ he continued.


Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of Fatburger parent company, FAT Brands, also chimed in, and said, “All of us at Fatburger are beyond excited to be part of such a significant milestone in the Casino’s renovation. We are confident that our burgers, shakes and fries will be popular from day one with Swinomish guests.”


The three restaurants were selected based on Swinomish guest surveys that clearly showed hamburgers and Asian food were the two most popular requests. Fatburger has a strong international and North American presence and has seen success in both traditional and Native American casino properties.


Joining Fatburger in the Casino’s new food court will be Carver’s Café. Known for serving traditional American comfort food, Carver’s Café will offer a convenient place to eat, while showcasing traditional carvings and artwork that celebrate the Swinomish People’s rich culture. These three new outlets will accompany the Swinomish Sports Bar & Grill, the Moka Joe Coffee stand, and 13Moons Steak & Seafood, which are already in operation.

Constructing and opening these restaurants is a small step in a long-planned remodel project that’s currently underway at Swinomish Casino & Lodge. Other renovations include a redesigned and updated gaming floor.

To learn more about the dining options at Swinomish Casino and Lodge, visit the Swinomish Casino and Lodge Dining Page.


2 thoughts on “Fatburger is coming to Swinomish Casino & Lodge

  1. When is the gaming going to be one ticket? When is the gaming going to be more open up and a new selections of games? And when is the ventilation going to get better, Iv noticed one you walk in to your establishment is the stink of cigs,, was never like that before. I know I can go in the non smoking section but again it still smells once you walk in the door,

    1. Hi Rodger,

      The entire floor will be converted to single-ticket machines by early next year. The ventilation will be better when we open the new gaming space early next year. We have installed a brand new HVAC system that will allow air exchanges to happen every 5-7 minutes throughout the casino floor. The air quality and control will be tremendously better, and will make a much more comfortable atmosphere for our guests. In addition to these improvements, we are getting some tasty new dining options! The entire renovation project should be completed by Spring 2018. Thank you for your patience during this renovation stage!

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